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What are the differences? -
RemMe App: Simple Remind Me allows you to interact with other users, send them reminders and receive reminders from them. To do this, the application gets access to your contacts and stores data on the server.
RemMe App: Set Reminder is an application for those who do not want their data to be stored on the server. This application is installed on the phone and works without the server side. But you will not be able to interact with other users

RemMeApp Set reminder

RemMe: Set Reminder

RemMe is a simple, intuitive reminder app that makes it easy to remind yourself. No need to go through the hassle of filling out lots of information, RemMe makes it easy to set reminders on the go, no matter how busy you are. 

Why set reminders with RemMe? 

  • Set reminders & alarms quickly without needing to enter lots of information
  • Push notifications every minute making it impossible to forget things
  • No need to unlock your phone, cancel & delay reminders from the lock screen
RemMe App main screen

Why RemMe: Set Reminder?

Remind Yourself

Need to set a reminder or alarm for something important that you can’t forget? A work meeting, date or a birthday? RemMe can remind you every minute from a designated time so there’s no chance of forgetting.
You can transfer the reminder to the home screen in one tap so it’s always visible to you and ask to be reminded again in 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. When you’re ready, just tap on the “Complete” button to wipe the task from your home screen.

Simple. Convenient. Fast.

RemMe was built with convenience at its core. Whether you’re sending reminders to a loved one while they’re grocery shopping or you need to remind yourself of something during a busy work day, setting reminders with RemMe is faster and more streamlined than other organizer / planner apps.

RemMe app home screen
"To save time, we implemented the management of the app main functions from the lock screen"
Stanislav Kunevich
UI Designer